New Updates to Omni Resources!

We’ve made updates to our client service offerings, website, and other changes. Read more about what you can expect to see below.

“Thank You” to You

Basil, the founder and owner of Omni Resources here. The team and I wanted to thank you for choosing Omni Resources for your small business and turning to us when you needed counsel or when things seemed hazy or unclear. We are honored to work alongside you to create a tangible business out of your dreams and to better prepare you for your journey of introducing people to your business.

While you were hard at work building your business, our team was hard at work creating a better client experience for you. Please read on to learn about what you can expect to see at Omni Resources moving forward:

Client Service Offerings Updates

Our client service offerings always revolved around the needs of a business in its early-mid stages. We are proud to announce better clarity around our offerings, they are broken down as follows:

Website Updates

Omni Resources’ identity is central to the lack of wastefulness in all we do.

Though our previous website was dated, we saw that the functionality and convenience outweighed the need for a cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing webpage.

In order to more firmly establish value to existing clients, our team recognized the benefit of a more appealing website capable of attracting business associates and partners, enhancing our offering coverage.

We’ve implemented new several key pages and updated old pages, as seen below.

Our Home Page Has Changed:



Each Key Omni Resources Business Consulting Service Has its Own Unique Page For Easier Navigation and Service Discernment:

We’ve Made it Easier to Reach Us About Specific Questions



We’ve made it easier to read FAQs and access key insights



The Client Portal Now Includes Essential Reading and Video Incorporation Pages



We’ve Made it Easier for Key Network Partners to Contact and Work with Omni Resources:

We’ve Made it Easier and More User Friendly to Get Started



Client Newsletter Contact Frequency and Other Updates

Omni Resources is committed to creating an unsurpassable caliber of service and quality. Alongside better clarity, offering expansion, and client satisfaction, we’re committing ourselves to better communication with clients by keeping you informed on mission-critical information at least twice per quarter or eight times per year.

Getting Ready to Create Your Own Business or Know Someone Who Does?

Contact Omni Resources and learn how we can work with you so you can stay organized and grow your business more quickly.


Call (888) 882-8483

Closing Comments

As experts in the small-medium size business consultancy, we focus our resources on solutions to prepare business owners to become established and excel in their business.

If you have a comment or suggestion for how Omni Resources should improve, please contact us.

Editor’s note: Nothing in this blog post should be construed as advice of any kind. Any legal, financial or tax-related content is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified legal or accounting professional.

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