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E-Learning for Incorporation Education

Step 1: Consultation

No two businesses are alike. Your goals, circumstances, and finances are unique to your business. 


Omni Resources works with you to understand your goals and identify steps forward that best fit your business. 

Step 2: Incorporation Education

​To complement our 1:1 consulting services, we include audio, video, and writing tutorials including a library with a consortium of information for both beginner and savvy entrepreneurs. 


Receive access to a proprietary 90-day self-paced curriculum for incorporation education designed to help professionals master their foundational business steps.

Step 3: Receive Completed Incorporation Documents

Omni Resources completes all incorporation documentation for you. You'll receive private and confidential corporate documents along with necessary approval documents from local, state, and federal government entities. 


Some of what you can expect includes the following documentation:

1) The corporate seal

2) The approved State articles of incorporation

3) The full company bylaws

4) The completed corporate minutes

5) The company's Federal Tax Id Number

6) Completed and filed IRS forms

7) Twenty stock certificates with a detailed ledger  

8) Glossary of definitions for each corporate document and IRS form

Ready to Take The First Step?

When you’re ready to create or expand your business, you need the right partner.

Get started with a partner with the same priorities as you and who puts you first—no matter what.

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