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We take the time to learn your unique needs and goals in order to help put together a plan for funding your business, working out names you may want to operate under, select the type of incorporation you'll use and more. Our expertise means you don't need to become an expert in order to start your dream business today!

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Tom B., California

"Omni Resources really takes the guesswork out of getting your business going, I don't think we would ever have gotten through all of the paperwork and nuances without his help!"

James W., Washington

"Every detail of getting incorporated was explained to us in detail, provided in writing, and sent in for us. We were even told when and how to submit our yearly updates to the state. It could not be easier to start a small business than with Omni Resources."

Stephanie R., Illinois

"Running a small business takes up the time we needed to get incorporated, so having an expert available to handle the busywork was fantastic! Basil was also very personable and friendly, and he really made the whole experience a joy!"

Daniel B., California

"Just finished watching the phase two video. Incredible amount of information. You explain it so well and simple. Great job!! Thank you again for your services. "

Omni Resources does not employ lawyers, nor offer any advice of a legal or tax nature. For all legal & tax questions, please consult an attorney or CPA.

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