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Launch your business venture with confidence.

At Omni Resources, we have years of experience guiding entrepreneurs through the intricacies of business launch. Our streamlined process ensures a solid foundation for your business, empowering you to turn your vision into reality. Let’s start by choosing the right business structure to support your long-term success.

Which Business Type is Right for You?

Start a Corporation

Looking to issue shares, enter the public market, expand globally, or maximize write-offs? Take the next step with a corporate structure.

Start an LLC

Avoid the double taxation of a corporation and safeguard yourself from personal business liabilities with an LLC.

Start a Non-Profit

Considering the pursuit of fundraising, public recognition, or global outreach? Move forward with a nonprofit structure.

Omni Business Launch Program Process

When you’re prepared to dive in, we will too. Let’s get your business launched.



Provide details about your new business, founders, and goals. We’ll work with you to confirm any additional details and send over your official LLC and/or Corporate Portfolio Notebook.


Mentorship and Guidance

While your company is being legally formed, get paired with advisors who provide guidance in various aspects of your business.



Begin your structured curriculum and gain essential knowledge and skills. Topics include business strategy, capital access, business financial planning, and pitching.


Networking and Resources

Legal and financial resources, newsletters access to essential technology and tools, expert marketing, and invaluable networking opportunities, all from one source.


Post-Program Support

We continue to support our businesses after they complete the program, offering ongoing mentorship, networking opportunities, and assistance with fundraising and growth.


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