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Getting Started

Omni Resources acts as a one-stop-shop business consultant, guiding you through the process of establishing and growing your business. We offer business entity creation (LLC or Corporation), business consulting services, and educational resources for entrepreneurs.

Our team has over 14 years of experience helping startups launch and succeed. We offer flat-rate pricing, personalized guidance, and a transparent process to ensure your business is properly established and compliant. We don’t take equity in your company, allowing you to retain full ownership.

We recommend choosing a name that’s easy to remember, spell, and pronounce. Avoid using your initials or personal information. Use a tool like Instant Domain Search ( to check for domain name availability. Here are some naming tips for LLCs and Corporations:

  • Corporations: Names typically end with “LTD.”, “Co.”, “Incorporated”, or “Corp.” (abbreviations include INC. and CORP.)
  • LLCs: Names typically end with “LLC” to signify the legal structure.

The business formation process typically takes 6-9 weeks. Expediting your order can move you to the front of the line for faster processing.

Company Formation

There are two main business entity types:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): Offers personal liability protection for its owners (called members) and is simpler to maintain than a corporation.
  • Corporation: Offers greater flexibility in raising capital through stock issuance but comes with more complex record-keeping requirements.

Choosing the right entity type depends on your specific business needs and goals. We recommend consulting with a business advisor to determine the best option for you.

LLC Advantages:

  • Simpler formation and maintenance process
  • Pass-through taxation (profits/losses pass through to members’ personal tax returns)
  • Personal liability protection for members

LLC Disadvantages:

  • Limited fundraising options (cannot issue stock)
  • May face a higher tax burden in some states

Corporation Advantages:

  • Easier to raise capital through stock issuance
  • Offers greater flexibility in ownership structure
  • Provides stronger personal liability protection for shareholders

Corporation Disadvantages:

  • More complex formation and maintenance process
  • Subject to double taxation (profits taxed at corporate level, then again when distributed to shareholders as dividends)

Opening a separate business bank account is highly recommended. It keeps your personal and business finances separate, simplifies record-keeping, and helps establish a professional image.

Payments and Client Portal

Once you submit your new client form, a secure payment window will appear. We accept payments through PayPal using the following number: 303-503-5696.

Paid clients receive a custom-prepared corporate portfolio notebook containing:

  • Corporate seal
  • Approved State articles of incorporation
  • Company bylaws
  • Completed corporate minutes
  • Company Federal Tax ID number (EIN)
  • Completed and filed IRS forms
  • Stock certificates with a detailed ledger
  • Glossary of definitions for included documents

Paid clients receive a custom-prepared LLC portfolio notebook containing:

  • Company seal
  • Approved articles of organization
  • Company bylaws
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Company Federal Tax ID number (EIN)
  • Completed and filed IRS forms
  • Banking Resolution
  • Glossary of definitions for included documents
  • Statement and Resignation of the Organizer

You’ll receive:

  • An immediate automated PayPal receipt by email.
  • An email from our team within 1-2 business days to schedule a call.
  • Access to a company education video course within the first week.

Your custom-prepared company portfolio notebook and completed start-up documents (5-7 days after payment).

When filing a new company, the government requires your social security number to verify your identity and eligibility to own a business. We use a secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection to encrypt your data during transmission.

Business Management

This will vary business-to-business. Check out our small business tax strategies solutions page for more details.

You can mention resources offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA) or link to relevant articles or guides on your website.

Client Support

These changes typically involve filing amendments with the state and may incur associated fees. You can offer to assist clients with this process for an additional charge.

Yes, both LLCs and corporations can relocate to a different state. There may be filing fees involved in the new state.

Yes, most states require annual reports and fees to maintain your company’s good standing. These fees are typically minimal (around $100).

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