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Additional Services

Explore our Services

Discover a diverse range of client services meticulously designed and tailored to enhance and complement our distinctive business consulting product. Each of these services has been thoughtfully crafted to address specific needs, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and customized solution to propel your business toward success.


    Our team identifies your situation and improves your credit for better access to affordable capital through credit resources and score assistance services. We offer:

    1) Analysis of disputable charges

    2) Collections

    3) Foreclosures 

    4) Tax liens

    5) Inquiries 

    6) Challenging old information: late payments, judgements, repossessions, and bankruptcies


    Insurance shields your business from unforeseen expenses. Accidents, lawsuits, and natural disasters have the potential to cripple your operations without the right coverage

    Our partners also offer:  

    • Business Insurance

    • Property 

    • Liability 

    • Commercial Auto

    Omni Resources will refer you to a trusted expert to speak with you about necessary business insurance, life insurance, and more...


    Services are aimed at enhancing your business's performance, growth, and efficiency. Omni Resources can:

    • Update Business Information

    • Set Up New Business Addresses

    • Strategic Planning

    • Out of State Business Certifications

    • Streamline Operations 

    • Benefits, HR, and Payroll Information

    • Government Compliance Regulation Information


    "Omni Resources really takes the guesswork out of getting your business going, I don't think we would ever have made it through all of the paperwork and nuances without Basil's help!"

    Tom B., California

    Fine-tune your business' strategy

    When it comes to creating your business' structure, having the right partner is crucial.

    Start with a partner who shares your priorities and always puts your needs first.

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