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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Omni Resources?

Omni Resources is a Colorado-based business consulting firm with over 18 years of successful entrepreneurship experience specializing in jump-starting the average small business.

How Long Is The Process To Set Up My Corporation?

Please allow 6-9 weeks processing time (This allows for the formation and set-up of the corporation with both the State and Federal Government).


Expediting your order places you at the front of the line and allows for more rapid registration and formation of your entity.

Why Should I Use Omni Resources?

Omni Resources is recognized for 14+ years as an industry leader in providing full-service incorporation and business consulting programs for individuals and companies alike. Small businesses and existing clients continue to tap our resource pool with tax strategists, insurance brokers, liquidity agents, and other partners in order to receive trusted support for their needs.

I Can't Think of a Good Company Name to Get Started?

We suggest a simple business name that is easy to remember for both you and your customers. To protect your privacy, it is best to not use your name or initials in the business name. When brainstorming, it can help to see if the website address you'd want is available. A tool like can make that easy!

Business names need to end in LTD., Co., Incorporated or Corporation (abbreviated INC. and CORP. respectively). Choose whichever sounds best to you!

Example: Peak Enterprises INC., Peak Enterprises Co., Peak Ventures CORP. or Peak Ventures LTD

Does Omni Resources Do My Taxes?

Omni Resources does not act as a licensed CPA or Tax Attorney. Introductions are arranged with a local professional if needed.

Why Do You Require My Social Security Number?

When filing a new corporation, the government requires your social security number (SSN) in order to verify that you are both whom you say you are and eligible to own a business.


Our webform uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) which uses transport layer security to keep your data encrypted.

How Do I Submit Payment?

Once your new client form has been submitted, the payment window will automatically replace the client form on the web page. This can take a few seconds depending on your connection speed, so please don't refresh the page. 

What's Included in the Corporate Portfolio Notebook?

Along with incorporation-education and consulting services, paid clients will receive a custom-prepared corporate portfolio notebook. The black 3 ring notebook binder that slides into a faux leather sleeve has the company name in gold lettering inscribed on the side.


Each Kit contains all completed start-up documents including 

1) The corporate seal

2) The approved State articles of incorporation

3) The full company bylaws

4) The completed corporate minutes

5) The company Federal Tax Id Number

6) Completed and filed IRS forms

7) Twenty stock certificates with a detailed ledger

8) Glossary of definitions for each corporate document and IRS form included.

What do I Receive After Submitting a Payment to Omni Resources?

An immediate automated PayPal receipt by email showing that you paid Omni Resources for business consulting and or incorporation formation services. Please check your SPAM folder if not in your inbox.

Please expect an email from one of Omni Resource's team members to set up a call with you. 

For incorporation clients, you will also receive access to an incorporation-education video course, a custom-prepared corporate portfolio notebook, and completed start-up documents.

What do I do When I Receive My Corporate Portfolio Notebook?

Your kit will contain a letter with instructions. Give us a call ASAP when you receive your kit in the mail to go over the contents and begin the Corporation Education process.

Why Did My Video Freeze?

Simply pause the video and give it a minute or two to load. If your connection is especially slow at home, break for coffee or something while it loads - just make sure you leave the page open to buffer!

Why Doesn't the Video Password You Gave Me Work?

We change the passwords to all of our videos and client portals periodically. If yours is no longer valid, simply email to request the new ones.

How Do I Search for You on Paypal?

Payment is processed using the following Paypal number: 3035035696.

What Is The Difference Between an LLC and a Corporation?

According to IRS regulations, an LLC is subject to a higher tax bracket than a corporation. This is just one of several drawbacks for an LLC (Limited Liability Company) type of business structure vs. that of a Corporation.

What Is an S-Corporation

One of several tax elections provided by the IRS (US Internal Revenue Service) for a small business having 0-49 employees. This tax election does not require the company to demonstrate showing a profit after existing for 3 years or more in business.

Can I Add or Remove Another Person to My Corporation?

You can easily amend your incorporation documents at any time.


When you file your company's required annual report each year, you may update or change the Director, Officer, and Shareholder positions.

Can I Change My Corporation's Name?

Yes, as the owner of your corporation, you can amend your documents at any time. If you would like our assistance, please contact us. There is an associated fee.

How Do I Know Which State to Incorporate in?

Please choose the State that you are a current resident of, and in which an owner can provide matching State identification.

Can I Live in a Different State Than My Corporation?

Yes, and corporations can relocate to any State or Country you choose to operate within, but operating a corporation without a physical address can be difficult.

Can I Move My Corporation From State to State?

Yes, corporations are portable. A corporation can relocate to any State or Country you choose to operate within. There are associated costs and fees to accomplish this action.

Is There a Fee to Change Incorporation State of My Corporation?

Yes, the amount will vary from State-to-State based upon the required State filing fees.

Is There a Yearly Fee to Keep My Corporation?

Yes, the amount will vary from State-to-State based upon the State's required company annual report fee, which is usually less than $100.

What if I Need to Change The Address for My Company?

The incorporation documents can be amended at any time. A corporation has the opportunity to change its address and other pertinent information when filing the State required annual report each year.

How Do I Contact You If I Have Questions?

You can contact us via email at or call us at (888) 882-8483.

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