Empowering Your Business with Strategic Financial Solutions

Building a Strong Financial Foundation for Your Business

As your trusted business advisors, we at Omni Resources offer you exclusive access to top-tier banking partnerships. Our goal is to provide immediate capital (subject to qualification) and build a lasting financial foundation for your business. As our relationship grows, you can unlock potential funds and strategic growth opportunities, ensuring your business thrives now and is well-prepared for the future. We give you access to money you didn’t even know existed, enabling you to realize your vision.

What We Offer

Exclusive Banking Partnerships

We introduce you to a minimum of three top-tier banking managers, providing access to:

Business Credit Cards:

  • 0% Interest Business Credit Cards Up To 12 Months: Start Ups Can Qualify
  • Both LLCs and S-Corps are eligible to qualify.
  • Save on interest costs with a healthy repayment period and increase cash flow flexibility with a substantial credit line and no annual fee. This flexibility supports your business’s varying cash needs, enabling strategic financial planning and stability.
  • With increased buying power and the ability to manage your account online effortlessly, your business can make substantial investments and manage finances efficiently, driving growth and operational success. Use this period to invest in growth without the burden of interest, positioning your business for success with smarter financial management.

Business Term Loans:

  • Secure financing for critical business assets like property enhancements, vehicles, and equipment with no immediate and spread out over a five-year term.

  • This strategic financial approach allows your business to leverage essential investments to spur growth and operational efficiency, offering a substantial period to generate returns on these investments before repayment begins, thereby enhancing your business’s cash flow and long-term financial health.

Business Lines Of Credit:

  • Must be In Business For 2 Years Minimum Gets access to all three products.
  • Continuous Access to Funds with Revolving Credit Access, replenish your funds as needed, with the flexibility to manage cash flow, and recurring expenses and respond to opportunities or emergencies efficiently…
  • Empower your business with the financial agility to capitalize on opportunities and manage challenges efficiently. This revolving credit line adapts to your business’s evolving needs, providing a resilient financial foundation that supports growth and stability, enabling you to focus on what you do best – driving your business forward, and ensuring financial resources are always at your fingertips.

SBA Loans:

  • Offered at additional cost and will be determined by the loan amount.
  • Take 60-90 days only after going through the steps above.

Could you use additional funding? 

Typically, banks provide up to 25% of your company’s gross income to start, subject to specific requirements such as opening a checking account.

In Phase 2 of our Corporation Training and Education program, you’ve learned how to build business credit through business credit cards and other resources.

Now, Omni Resources also provides access to Corporate Mortgage Loans through our trusted lenders. If you need a personal mortgage loan, we have options for that too, including:

  • Land Loans

  • Investment Property Loans

  • Duplex and Condo Loans

  • Business Franchise Funding

  • Buying a New Business

Whether you need $10k or $250k, we can help.

If you need a business line of credit, contact us today.

Pricing Packages

Package 1: $5,999.00

  • Introduction to a minimum of three top-tier banking managers

  • Includes business credit cards with 0% interest for up to 12 months

  • Access to multiple credit cards timed for maximum approval amounts

Package 2: $7,999.00

Benefits of Business Credit

  1. Separation of Finances: Keep personal and business finances distinct to simplify accounting and enhance financial clarity.

  2. Massive Tax Advantages: Utilize business expenses and interest payments as tax deductions to reduce taxable income.

  3. Improved Cash Flow Management: Access to revolving credit and business loans provides flexibility in managing expenses and investments.

  4. Enhanced Purchasing Power: Higher credit limits enable significant business investments and operational growth.

  5. Emergency Funds: Revolving credit lines offer a financial safety net for unexpected expenses or opportunities.

  6. Building Business Credit: Establish a strong business credit profile, improving future financing options and terms.

  7. Vendor Relations: Strong credit enhances relationships with suppliers and vendors, potentially leading to better terms and discounts.

  8. Rewards and Perks: Business credit cards often come with rewards programs, providing additional value through points, cashback, or travel benefits.

How It Works

We use your personal credit to get started, but this does NOT report to your personal credit unless you default. This provides an entirely new avenue of buying power and growth.

Typical Credit Outcomes:

  • Business Credit Cards: $1-25K+, with most clients receiving between $20-30K per card

  • Business Lines of Credit: Generally 25% of your company’s gross income, with potential lines starting at $49K or less and increasing over time

  • Term Loans: For vehicles, equipment, computers, and more

Additional Services & Resources

Omni Resources is dedicated to supporting your business beyond just credit solutions. We offer a variety of additional services, including:

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