Loans for Auto Repair Shops: How We Helped Green Light Freedom Thrive

Green Light Freedom Corporation is a reputable auto repair shop located in Fullerton, California. The business is run by a licensed mechanic who, alongside his father, provides a range of auto repair services.

The Challenge

When the owner of Green Light Freedom Corporation first reached out to Omni Resources in 2017, he was a single operator of a small auto repair shop in California. At the time, he needed substantial funding to update and modernize the shop to meet industry standards. The owner aimed to expand the business to better serve the community and enhance service offerings. However, limited financial resources were a major hurdle in achieving his goals. Without access to funds, he wouldn’t be able to make much-needed improvements to his auto shop and risked losing clientele to national chains in the surrounding area.

The Solution

Omni Resources connected the client with a suitable lender who provided the necessary loan for business improvements and expansion. This financial support was crucial in upgrading the shop and purchasing new equipment. Our team also offered strategic advice on managing the funds effectively, ensuring that the upgrades and expansions were done in a cost-efficient way. Throughout the process, Omni Resources provided ongoing support and guidance, helping the client navigate the complexities of business growth and financial management.

The Results

The shop was successfully updated and modernized, meeting industry standards and improving overall service quality. Because of these capital asset improvements, the owner was able to attract more customers and increase revenue. The success of the business enabled the owner to achieve a significant personal milestone – purchasing his own house! Green Light Freedom Corporation is now a thriving auto repair shop, and we’re thrilled to have helped this entrepreneur achieve new heights. 

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