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Real Client Successes

Omni Resources created a new model for jumpstarting new businesses.


We work intensively with companies for three months to establish their businesses the correct way and get them into the best possible position for success.


But Omni doesn’t leave after those three months are up, we continue to help founders for the life of their companies, and beyond.

Since 2004, we’ve grown over 3,500 startups.
Omni Resources community is over 4,500 founders strong.

Our Featured Businesses 

Travel & Hospitality Services
We help frequent travelers save up to 80% on their personal travel. Learn more below:
Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 4.31.19 PM.png
Need help navigating Medicare insurance or life insurance?
Physical Properties
Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 3.19.42 PM.png
RV, trailer, or boat storage in Castle Valley, Utah for affordable prices.

Quotes by Founders

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 5.01.09 PM.png
“I've been fortunate to engage with Omni over the last few years and always walk away impressed with their passion and caliber of commitment the team provides in their answers."
Saraswati Acharya, Founder, Funuliro Inc.
Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 5.09.02 PM.png
"This is the best program I could ask for, my team and I are forever grateful for your work in structuring our company and helping pave a way forward for our business."
Frank Wando, Founder, Pratteson Wilson Inc.
Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 5.06.44 PM.png
“If I knew what I know now, I would have done this ages earlier."
Miguel Gomez, President, Garden Masters

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